Pretend you’re in Los Angeles walking down a quiet street with the overhead sun bleaching the buildings with a white haze. The only lively thing around you is a few blades grass (or maybe a flower) sprouting out of a crack in the sidewalk. The next moment you turn the corner and your eyes widen. WOW! You see a vibrant mural full of energy covering the side of what used to be a small brick hardware store. The colors are stunning and the whole thing seems out of place on the block. The mural simply amazes you… for 15 seconds.


A quarter of a minute. That is how long an average person looks at a piece of art, according to museum researchers. A mural that might have taken days or weeks to plan, design, and paint… is only appealing to an adult for 15 seconds. On the other hand, children admire art for at least a minute or more. Their imagination is far greater than an adult.

A child can not only dream when they sleep but when they are awake. Art and creativity is a big piece of a kid’s life. They can draw with a crayon, play with Legos, and create bright bead bracelets for hours. They come up with insane ideas and silly stories but where does this creativity go when they grow up?

80% of U.S. School Districts Have Seen Funding Cuts Since 2008
30% of Public Elementary Schools Have No Art Classes
50% of the Poorest Public Elementary Schools Don't Even Have An Art Room
Children lose the jungle of creativity in their minds over time. During the years of schooling is when the jungle starts to be cut down. Nowadays art isn’t included in many schools. I know for a fact because I want to an “Art” boarding school but only had 3 hours a week of art class. How is that an art induced school? Art is one of the best ways to learn because it is visual. Sometimes it’s hard for kids to understand concepts when it’s just in Times New Roman. Children need to have art in school so they cannot just learn but have a creative diversity of ideas that can shape the future. The greatest innovators of the world have creative talents and that is a main factor of their success. Art shouldn’t just be a club or elective, it should be integrated all classes and activities because the jungle of creativity needs to grow. So someday maybe a mural on a lonely street block will no longer be looked at for 15 seconds.

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Comment from the Author: This is my first blog post I've ever made. Yes, I know its a bit rough and short. But I plan to write more about this topic in the future and hopefully my process and style gets better every time! Enjoy reading!

Some of my Favorite Murals in Long Beach, California

Long Beach Mural by @thedraculas 2016
Long Beach Mural by Nate Frizzell
Long Beach Mural by Dulk
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